How do I recognize good CBD flowers?

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How do I recognize good CBD flowers?

The topic of CBD flowers, their effect and application is gaining more and more attention in Germany. Due to the increasing demand, there are more and more providers who offer useful and medicinal plants.
But what should you watch out for when buying? Are there differences in quality? How do you know the quality?

Does a high CBD content increase the quality?

It is often believed that the CBD content of the flower is a measure of quality and effect. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, because the higher the CBD content, the more likely it is that it is processed by synthetic substances, which reduce the quality. In the case of purely natural flowers, there is unfortunately no way to keep the THC value below 0,2% and to drive the CBD content up further.

In addition, you have to know that CBD is not the most important thing about a CBd flower. Much more important for the effect is the chemical composition of all cannabinoids and that is more than 100.

Does the cultivation of the plants have an influence on the quality?

This question can be answered very clearly with “Yes, it has”.
There are currently three ways to grow CBD. Outdoor, greenhouse and indoor, which all have a different influence on the quality.

The Outdoor cultivation the industrial hemp is grown in the open air. Due to the climate in Europe, this is usually very difficult and causes the poor quality of the outdoor productions. Outdoor is the worst CBD you can currently buy, provided it comes from Europe.

Different from outdoor Greenhouse industrial hemp grown in a greenhouse and can therefore be better controlled. Greenhouse therefore has the medium quality level when it comes to hemp. There are again differences in quality between the farmers. There are definitely some farmers who are very good at cultivation and can offer very nice industrial hemp buds.

The last option is this Indoor cultivation of CBD flowers. The resulting flowers can be distinguished with premium quality among the hemp varieties. The possibility of one hundred percent control of the cultivation in a special production room ensures a wonderful industrial hemp bloom. They are by far the most expensive, but also the highest quality flowers on the market.


In summary, the quality of CBD is not about the content, but about the cultivation.

 * For legal reasons, we have to point out at this point that the products presented here are not medical or pharmaceutical preparations. All statements made about the properties and effects are based on personal experience through the use of these products.


We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee one high quality of the CBD flowers.

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