Where Can You Get Good CBD Weed?

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Where Can You Get Good CBD Weed?

CBD weed, also known as CBD flowers, has long been in a gray area of ​​legality. It was never really clear whether you could buy and consume CBD weed, in what form it is allowed and how it works at all. And if it's legal, where do you get good CBD weed from? You can learn more about it in this article.

Is CBD Weed Legal?

The question of whether CBD weed is legal has not been answered unequivocally for a long time. In the end, every country and sometimes even every city had its own regulations. If you were allowed to buy and consume CBD weed in one city, you were only allowed to own it under certain conditions in the next city, and in another city it was even completely banned. Often these rather confusing regulations arose from the fact that one thought that one would create a transitional regulation. But since hardly anything lasts better than the provisional solution, these rules were often only changed slightly, but never adapted to reality.

This situation was extremely unsatisfactory not only for consumers of CBD weed, but especially for retailers as well. Organizations such as “Pro CBD” therefore campaigned for the official and comprehensive legalization of CBD grass. All the efforts finally had an effect: the European Court of Justice spoke a word of power and ensured that no longer every country or even every city was allowed to cook its own soup. He found that CBD grass is not psychoactive, that it is neither an intoxicant nor an addictive substance. If the CBD products are produced in one country in compliance with the applicable regulations, they may not be classified as illegal in another country.

In order to understand this rather radical judgment, it is important to know that CBD grass is obtained from industrial hemp. Because of its extremely low THC content of a maximum of 0,2%, this cannot produce any high at all. To do that, you'd need a significantly higher level of THC. Background: The classic joint made from ordinary hemp has a THC content between 8 and 17%.

Of course, the judgment of the ECJ requires further action. For this it has now been clearly stated that CBD grass is legal.

What does 1 gram of CBD flowers cost?

With us you only get sustainably grown CBD flowers in real organic quality. We ensure these standards through close-knit and documented internal quality assurance. We grow our CBD flowers ourselves and we only grow them indoors. This is the only way we can grow without pesticides, fungicides and other additives, without having to fear losses from pests. In addition, we attach great importance to the constant development of our CBD products, which ensures you an ever larger portfolio. In sales, we pay attention to fair prices and that is why we are pleased to be able to offer you a gram price of 9,50 euros to 12 euros, depending on the CBD flower variety. Before you can prepare a hemp tea from CBD flowers, you should crush the CBD flowers. If you want to dose CBD flowers more easily, you can also opt for CBD flower blends. This offers you the same high quality, but the CBD flowers are already crushed. We can offer you this product for 6 euros per gram.

At Frankys Farm, we stand for clear, transparent prices, because quality has its price and it doesn't necessarily have to be particularly high.

Is CBD also weed?

When you hear about weed popularly, don't mistakenly think of smoky rooms with half-stunned people who are pretty high. However, CBD is understood to mean cannabidiol, a component of the hemp plant. CBD is obtained from industrial hemp. Of course, you could also group industrial hemp under the term weed. However, you probably won't hit the nerve with real CBD users. This is not about the purpose of being intoxicated, but simply about improving the quality of life. It's about relaxation and possibly pain relief. The chronically ill and seriously ill in particular choose CBD as a real alternative to conventional medical treatment - and often very successfully.

Classic weed is made from cannabis. The term “weed” is therefore linked to this intoxicant.

CBD, on the other hand, is now a completely legally sold wellness product. You can call it grass, but it has nothing in common with classic grass.

Where is the best place to buy CBD flowers?

If you choose CBD, you should look for it to be of high quality. Otherwise you could spend a lot of money on little effect.

At Frankys Farm, we have been committed to and committed to the highest product standards since day one. All of our employees are real experts in the field of CBD. This means that not only can every employee give you comprehensive and competent advice. We can also ensure the best quality.

We have always followed developments in the current legal situation and only produced and sold in compliance with them. Of course, it makes us the judgment of the ECJ easier because now there are nationwide regulations.

So if you want to buy CBD flowers from real indoor quality production, you should choose our products from Frankys Farm. Here you get the purest CBD flowers, which are grown in organic quality without any pesticides and in Germany. The entire production is designed to be sustainable, so only those resources are used that are really necessary. As much as necessary, as little as possible - that is our credo.

Our high quality standards also include real 1A customer service. So if you have any questions about CBD flowers, CBD grass and CBD products please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to provide you with advice and assistance.

If you are not yet sure which CBD flowers suit your taste - after all, we have a lot of CBD flowers on offer - then why not opt ​​for one of our trial kits. Here you can get smaller quantities of various CBD flowers delivered to your home. You can try each variety and find out your favorite flavor. The quality is identical to our larger packaging. This way you are sure to find the type of CBD flowers that you would like to consume. We look forward to you.

 * For legal reasons, we have to point out at this point that the products presented here are not medical or pharmaceutical preparations. All statements made about the properties and effects are based on personal experience through the use of these products.


We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee one high quality of the CBD flowers.

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