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How long can CBD be detected?

Although CBD, i.e. cannabidiol, is not a criminal offense to consume and is even a legal substance, we are repeatedly asked how long CBD and CBD oil can be detected in the body. Can it be determined through urine and hair analysis, and how is it excreted? This article aims to address precisely these questions.

How long does CBD stay in the body?

In order to determine how long CBD stays in the body, one must first ask in which units something like this is measured. Here it is primarily the so-called half-life. This is measured by giving a single dose of a substance and then regularly examining the blood plasma for traces of this substance. The half-life is reached when only half of the substance in the blood plasma can be determined. It is usually the case that this value rises after administration of the substance and then falls continuously. Of course, medical equipment is required for the verification and you cannot take such values ​​yourself.

Corresponding studies have also already been carried out for CBD. In a first study, 14 patients with Huntington's disease were treated with a very high dose of CBD for 6 weeks. In a calculation based on normal doses in healthy patients, it was assumed that CBD has a half-life of around two to five days.

Another study looked at the difference between intravenous administration and smoking of CBD. Very different times were found here. However, the dosage was also lower here, so that the CBD had reached its half-life within a little over a day.

In general, it has been found that the length of time CBD remains in the body is very different for each person. The more efficiently it is consumed, the faster the CBD is processed and the faster it leaves the body.

Is CBD Detectable in Hair?

The hair analysis is usually used for drug tests in order to be able to detect the consumption of substances in the past. However, since the consumption of CBD is legal, you don't have to worry here. Because CBD, i.e. cannabidiol, is obtained from industrial hemp, which has a naturally low THC value of a maximum of 0,2%. The hair analysis is used because the hair stores substances longer. The body is constantly exchanging blood and the urine is not kept in the body for very long. The situation is different with the hair, which grows much more slowly. As soon as something accumulates here, you can still see it in the analysis for months. In general, CBD could be detected in the hair. But since even the European Court of Justice classifies possession and consumption as legal and even emphasized that this is not an intoxicant, you don't have to worry. The experts who conduct hair analyzes are familiar with such low doses of THC and know what the substance is.

How quickly does CBD oil break down?

CBD oil is one way of absorbing CBD fairly quickly. However, it also breaks down again comparatively quickly. After about six to eight hours, your body will usually have broken down the CBD oil.

How is CBD excreted?

The question of how CBD is excreted is actually a question of how THC is excreted. It is excreted in stool and urine, but goes through a number of stations on the way there.

What does CBD do in the human body?

CBD, i.e. cannabidiol, works in the human body in the so-called endocannabinoid system. There it attaches to the corresponding receptors and affects the communication systems in the body. In addition to regulating various processes, it also takes care of your well-being. The effects that you can achieve with CBD are mainly relaxing. However, CBD does not replace the body's own cannabinoid that each of us produces. It can only increase the effects and thus make you feel more comfortable. The relaxing effect alone can alleviate various ailments and, for example, ensure that you can fall asleep better and stay asleep better. Anxiety can also be resolved and depression can be alleviated. Relaxation can also relieve pain, which is why CBD is a very popular alternative to classic painkillers, especially among the chronically ill and seriously ill.

How long does CBD work if you smoke it?

Most people consume CBD as an oil, capsule, or tea. If you decide to smoke CBD, you usually want to achieve a very quick effect. Because with a tea, the effect only sets in 30 to 90 minutes after consumption. This is different with smoking CBD. Here the uptake takes place via the lungs. You will notice the first effects after just 5 minutes. But the duration of action is also shorter. While a tea takes longer to take effect, the effect then lasts for six to eight hours. It is different with smoking. You will notice an effect much more quickly here. But this only lasts for two to three hours. So smoking CBD is more for acute cases. Most people who suffer from severe pain, for example, smoke for a quick onset of action and then add another tea, which then promises a longer effect. Please also note that you have the option of adding more at any time. So once the effects have set in and you drink the next tea after a few hours, the effects simply continue.

Where is CBD broken down?

CBD is excreted in the stool and urine, but previously circulates for a long time in the so-called enterohepatic circuit, i.e. in the liver. First of all, the liver breaks down some of the CBD. Everything that was not broken down in the first run is transferred to the gallbladder, where another part is broken down. The intestine takes on the next breakdown step. After this stage, not all of the CBD has been broken down in the body, which is why another cycle is triggered via the blood. The blood transports the remaining CBD back into the liver and the enterohepatic cycle starts all over again. This design alone explains the long duration of action. Because this cycle does not take a few minutes, but rather hours. So if you have consumed CBD as tea, your liver will automatically start to circulate, which takes between six and eight hours to break down the CBD.

If you have any questions about the effects of CBD, please contact our friendly and competent customer service. We look forward to you.

 * For legal reasons, we have to point out at this point that the products presented here are not medical or pharmaceutical preparations. All statements made about the properties and effects are based on personal experience through the use of these products.
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