Effect of Orange Bud

Orange bud effect

Lineage and origin of the orange bud 

This strain is a 100% Skunk and was cultivated as early as the 80s. It is therefore an original and very popular with consumers worldwide, which could also be the reason that it has won numerous awards to date! 
This spectacular plant is sativa-dominant and makes for a contemplative and happy feeling. Of course, it has a relaxing effect at the same time and triggers an intense serenity. Nevertheless, there is no intoxicating effect, as our orange bud plant only contains over 0,2% THC or less and thus causes a more relaxing effect. This Skunk strain has a wonderful aroma for which it is known.

How does Orange Bud work?

The taste goes into the citrus note, with nectarines and orange elements also guaranteeing an effect. Skunk strains are famous for their intense aroma, and so can ours Orange Bud Erwarten. 

The orange bud is a real all-rounder. For example, it has an aphrodisiac effect and has a relaxing effect afterwards. At the same time, there is a profound and stimulating effect that has a cheering effect and stimulates a positive mood. 
The first effect is noticeable after about 10 minutes and is then very stimulating for the head. One perceives one's body more strongly and can also indulge in thinking. This herb not only works intensely for reducing stress but can also be very effective against mild pain such as headache. 

Since this strain also has a motivating effect, it is perfect for people who do not want to be slowed down in their lives. This means that people who do not want to be influenced in their everyday life and their everyday thinking are perfectly suited to consume orange bud. A real all-rounder.  

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