How often can you take CBD oil a day?

How often can you take CBD oil a day?
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How often can you take CBD oil a day?

What is the optimal dosage of Franky's Farm CBD oil? How do I get the desired effect? How high can the maximum dosage be? We would like to address these and other questions in this article. As with other substances, it is difficult to make a general statement about the appropriate dosage. This probably also applies to all so-called “miracle cures”. But we don't give up that easily. In the following we will inform you about the appropriate application.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is an extract that is obtained from both the flowers and the leaves of the cannabis plant. In contrast to THC, CBD does not induce any psychoactive or intoxicating states in the consumer. For this reason it is freely accessible both in Germany and in the rest of the European Union.


The oil normally contains only 0,2 percent THC, which has no impact on the psyche of the consumer. The proportion of THC is so low that our product remains freely available and is legally available in Germany.


The ingredients of the CBD oil are as follows:


Hemp oil (cold pressed)

Vitamin E


Hemp molecules

Times of day and frequency of taking CBD?

It depends on the desired effect and intensity. Taking it in the morning can lift your mood and give you a boost of energy. In the evening, however, it can have a calming and relaxing effect, when you adjust the dosage to your individual needs. The result: better sleep. 

How often you should take CBD depends primarily on the desired effect. Depending on what your body or head needs, you should adjust the amount. If you have more specific concerns or complaints, you should of course consult a doctor. Basically, taking it 2-3 times a day has proven to be healthy in the event of pain or anxiety.

Especially in the case of anxiety, you can Franky's Farm CBD oil can also help spontaneously with acute attacks. For example if there is a panic attack or something similar. These spontaneous ingestions can be made in addition to the fixed intake times. 

Which dosage is the right one to start with?

The central question is “How often can you take CBD oil a day?” Taking CBD in liquid form simplifies the dosage of the ingredient. Always keep in mind that CBD flowers have multiple health benefits and affect our bodies depending on age and weight.

Franky's tip: be patient in the finding phase. We therefore recommend the following procedure to determine your suitable dosage: It is better to start with fewer drops than too many. So you can increase the number of drops from day to day. That way, you won't waste your oil or overdose. Start with one drop a day. On the second day it can be two drops (in the morning and in the evening). In this way, you can add one more drop per day throughout the day. Often users notice a change after about 14 days of use.

How does the oil affect my health?

The components of the CBD do not only act on our brain through our natural receptors, which are susceptible to the cannabinoids. They also have an effect on our entire nervous system and on special cells in our immune system. The active ingredient is particularly effective against anxiety and reduces feelings of stress. It also helps with symptoms of Epilepsy, because the active ingredient has an antispasmodic effect and can protect the nerve cells, for example in the case of multiple sclerosis diseases. In addition, anti-inflammatory influences can be determined based on the mode of action on the immune system.

But there are many other positive effects associated with CBD. Last but not least, the aim is to regulate the blood pressure lead, help against stroke disorders and acute pain. Even with diseases such as diabetes and cancer, there should have been improvements through CBD. Unfortunately, there is currently a lack of scientific evidence in Germany, which is why the experience reports should be treated with caution.

How long do I have to wait for the effect?

As a rule, it is said that it takes about 15-30 minutes for the CBD to develop its full effect. In principle, however, as described above, the effect remains dependent on the method of application. If you place the CBD oil orally directly under the tongue and then wait a moment instead of swallowing it directly, the desired effect occurs a little faster. This is due to the fact that part of the active ingredient is already absorbed through the oral mucosa.

It can also be consumed in the normal way, although it may take a little longer for the effects to be felt. If you take the substance on a full stomach, there may also be delays in its effectiveness.

Do CBD drops cause unwanted side effects?

The side effects are similar to the desired effects. No representative studies are yet available on this aspect. There have been experiments on animals to research CBD. However, it remains questionable whether the experiments can be transferred to humans.

Only if you are pregnant should you start consuming products CBD flowers refrain. This is because the active ingredient of the hemp plant can lead to malfunctions in the supply of the child with important nutrients. Active ingredients with a high proportion of CBD include dronabinol and nabilone. Rare side effects are loss of appetite, drowsiness or diarrhea in the case of very high and permanent doses. As long as CBD is consumed only occasionally and in a healthy amount, there is no need to worry about side effects.

Helpful Tips When Buying CBD Oil

Quality is the top priority of Franky's Farm. There is a very large selection of CBD oils and other products. We always strive for good to very good quality. The production of high-quality oils is a challenge that we meet with a lot of experience and technological knowledge. Nevertheless, we always try to ensure that you can also afford it financially. We don't focus on high prices, but on high quality.

The following production features are of central importance to us in the manufacture of our hemp oil, which is available in Germany:

  • ecological production
  • No pesticides
  • No additives
  • Production within the framework of European standards
  • Certified

constant control of our products through laboratory tests

We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee one high quality of the CBD flowers.

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