What do I do with CBD flowers?

What do I do with CBD flowers
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What do I do with CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are a real trend product. But what does that actually mean? CBD flowers are the flowers of the useful hemp plants, which have a very low THC content. THC is the proportion of hemp that causes the typical intoxicating effect of hemp. The effective part of the CBD flowers is the cannabidiol. It is said to have some medicinal effects

Cannabidiol in CBD flowers

With 8 to 10% cannabidiol, CBD flowers have a very high proportion of cannabidiol. At the same time, the THC content is usually very low at 0,2% due to the fact that it is the flowers of industrial hemp. So you don't have to worry about intoxicating effects. The medical value is much higher.

How can you now prepare CBD flowers?

Since it is officially forbidden to buy CBD flowers and then smoke, the main use of CBD flowers has shifted. First and foremost, you pour CBD flowers as tea. There are also various varieties that are also available in flavored form. This creates a tea that is both tasty and effective at the same time. However, this preparation must be done in a certain way, otherwise the full effect will not develop.

CBD flowers should not be put into boiling water, like other flowers, left to steep and then drink the tea. The flowers need to be prepared. This step is called decarboxylation and there are two different methods for doing this. Either you put the flowers in the oven. Here they should stay at about 140 degrees for about 10 minutes. The brewing time afterwards in the boiling water should be another 15 minutes. This means that the preparation of a CBD blossom tea is much longer than that of many other herbal teas. The second method of decarboxylation takes even longer. Because then the CBD flowers are boiled in water and boiled for about an hour with the lid closed.

Enjoying a CBD blossom tea

CBD flower tea, also called cannabis tea, should be drunk either with milk or with cream. Because the cannabidiol is more easily absorbed by the body through the fat in the milk. Such a tea can be drunk either warm or cold. It is very durable and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Other ways of application

Another option is to buy CBD flowers and then process them as an oil or a dietary supplement.

The use as a tea is also recommended for minor complaints and is not exclusively reserved for the most serious illnesses.

How should you dose CBD flowers?

As with all new products, it is recommended that you start with a low dose. Users report that the first effects can be achieved with very small doses. It is important to always pay attention to the resulting effect. If the effect does not reach the desired extent or if it diminishes, you can always dose higher.

Since CBD flowers are a natural product, the amount of the active ingredient contained can fluctuate somewhat. So it can happen that the effect is stronger or weaker on one day than on another.

Buy and smoke CBD flowers

Whether you are tobacco or CBD flowers smokes - both are not recommended by doctors. Many users find smoking as a cigarette or pipe to be not as pleasant as vaporizing in a vaporizer. So who? CBD flowers should invest in a vaporizer right away. Here the flowers are only heated and the CBD is gently released. Users report that they have to cough less simply by vaporizing them than with a classic cigarette and that the otherwise typical scratching in the throat does not take place as intensely. The fact is that vaporizing eliminates all combustion products that cause additional damage in the body. Nevertheless, the main application should be in food supplements, CBD oil or in the infusion of a tea.

What can CBD flowers be used for?

Not every chronically ill person wants to rely solely on taking medication. Because those who are permanently dependent on medication sooner or later feel permanently foggy. Since CBD flowers are industrial hemp, which does not have any psychoactive effects, you are not stunned by it. Fortunately, you don't become addicted, as can be the case with stronger painkillers.

In order to escape the trap of constantly taking medication, the chronically ill in particular like to decide to take CBD flowers. Because buying CBD flowers and then only taking them as needed is perceived by people as self-determined action. CBD flowers are preferred by people who suffer from diseases that involve pain and inflammation. Use as a tea is particularly popular here, as the strength of the effect can be very easily influenced by the dosage and steeping time. Because CBD flowers have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, which is particularly valued for such diseases.

The advantage of CBD flowers is, among other things, that even people with mental disorders can take the means without having to fear side effects. You don't have to coordinate the intake of CBD flowers with your medication, which is the case with medication. In addition to analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD flowers can also be taken very well against anxiety. Even when used against depression, good results could be achieved. Of course, the experiments go on and on and one is currently investigating whether CBD flowers can also achieve success in the treatment of addictions. The first results give rise to hope.


It is important for all applications that only absolutely pure CBD flowers are bought, as you can at Franky's farm definitely gets. Regardless of the dosage form - whoever wants to buy CBD flowers here can assume that they are holding a real premium product in their hands.


Buy CBD flowers at Franky's Farm

If you want to buy CBD flowers, you should pay attention to a few points. Because if you want to make a tea or would like to enjoy the flowers relatively pure in another way, you should also be sure that the industrial hemp meets certain quality criteria.

It is important, for example, that work is carried out completely without pesticides or other additives. At Franky's Farm, we work sustainably from the start. This means that you can be sure that only high quality industrial hemp products are offered throughout Europe.

The CBD flowers from Franky's Farm it is exclusively about legal industrial hemp. The THC content in this industrial hemp is below 0,2%, so that there are no problems with the law.

CBD flowers from Franky's Farm are 100% pure and are supplied without any further chemical additives. The focus here is still on nature and its effects. Because only an absolutely pure product can really achieve the desired effect.

It is recommended to buy the CBD flowers and use them as a tea for an infusion. Franky's farm does not recommend any other use. Those who buy CBD flowers and process them as oil, food supplements or cosmetics are of course excluded from this recommendation.


We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee one high quality of the CBD flowers.

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