What do CBD flowers do?

CBD products have rapidly gained popularity in many countries around the world. Germany was also taken by storm. It doesn't matter whether it's CBD cream at the drugstore, CBD medicine from the pharmacy or even CBD fruit gums from the kiosk, you see these three letters everywhere.

But what does the abbreviation CBD stand for anyway?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which, along with THC, is the most well-known component of the cannabis plant.
Many people associate cannabis directly with being intoxicated. There we have to disappoint you, from consuming CBD flower you will not achieve a high.
The THC is solely responsible for the intoxication.
However, a composition of over 120 different cannabinoids is responsible for the effect.

Since all of our products can be legally offered in Germany, we comply with laws and guidelines.
The upper limit for the THC content in CBD flowers is 0,2 percent in Germany. This upper limit excludes the abuse of the products and prevents the possibility of intoxication even in high doses.
Other countries also tolerate higher THC levels, but Germany does not. That's why we have all our products tested several times before they go on sale.
In addition, the EU provides a catalog of permitted hemp varieties. All of our CBD flowers can be found in this catalogue. In order to ensure the legality of our flowers, we check all products regularly and are always up to date with the current German legal situation.

As already said: A high can come with you CBD flowers not be evoked. But how do they work then?
The effect of CBD is very individual. The active ingredients dock to the endocannabinoid system in the human body in order to be absorbed and processed from there. Just as every person is different, so is every person's body. Even though we are all human, our bodies all work more individually than we imagine. Accordingly, the effect of our CBD flowers is linked to how the active ingredients are absorbed by whose body. CBD is not the only component of the flowers.

THC is not found in our CBD products, or only in a proportion of less than 0,2 percent. This means there is no intoxication and all activities can be pursued normally. Driving and using machines are also safe because the mental state is maintained.

CBD is the substance of the cannabis plant that is currently the most interesting for research because it is so versatile. Whether it’s for panic attacks or even cancer, CBD can help heal. However, we urge you to consult your doctor about CBD as a treatment drug.

Many CBD companies try to convey in their marketing that the CBD content is the most important thing and then advertise with unnaturally high percentages.
This led to the misconception that the CBD content determines the quality of the CBD flowers.
This is WRONG.

The effect of the CBD flowers not only depends on the CBD content, but also on the complex composition of active ingredients in the cannabis plant. CBD content is important up to a point, there's no denying that. This point is around 10%.

But how exactly does CBD work?

Even without the intoxication, the effects of CBD are noticeable. First and foremost, CBD reduces stress hormones. The reduction of stress, in turn, not only causes a feeling of relaxation, but also helps to bring back the body's own signals such as hunger and tiredness. With CBD, the body comes to rest better, so social phobias and anxiety can also be alleviated. Our CBD flowers are best consumed as a tea.

CBD is also helpful for external use. Our CBD cream is 100% natural and full of valuable ingredients. The CBD is also antibacterial and antiseptic. According to current studies, the bactericidal effect can even surpass that of common antibiotics.
The CBD also has a tension-relieving and pain-relieving effect on the applied areas. For example, our CBD oil can relieve sore muscles and menstrual cramps if applied to the affected areas.

When it comes to consumption or application, CBD can be used in many ways. Pain-relieving, antiseptic, relaxing, these are just a few of the countless areas of application. CBD is proof that the cannabis plant has unfairly gotten its bad reputation and that nature has so much more to offer humans.
Even without symptoms, CBD consumption is recommended. A cup of Franky's Farm CBD tea strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases.

Undesirable side effects such as loss of appetite or diarrhea usually occur when the CBD flowers are smoked. We are aware of the smokability of our products, but recommend consumption as a tea!

The only known case in which CBD consumption is really not recommended is in the case of an allergy. Allergies can usually be diagnosed by dermatologists and allergists.

However, if there is no allergy to CBD or the cannabis plant, CBD can be used by others, for example in drop form allergy symptoms counteract. Allergy-related nasal congestion reduces swelling and breathing difficulties can be relieved with CBD. Not only can the urge to cough be relieved, but even asthma patients can be relieved.

Regardless of whether you suffer from symptoms or not, whether you simply want to test CBD or have already gained experience, we cordially invite you to our Franky's Farm Stores. From advice to entertainment, we try to bring people together with common ground. Become part of the Franky's Family and enjoy more harmony in your life.

ATTENTION: All of our information is based on statements from our customers. If you have any medical questions, you should consult your doctor

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