CBD drops: experiences

CBD drop experiences

Right now, CBD seems to be the next superstar to come into the limelight, as the wellness market was suddenly inundated with a flood of CBD-containing beauty balms, nutritional supplements and chocolate last year. 

Before we dismiss CBD as just another pesky health trend, it's safe to say that the trending ingredient will be on everyone's lips for quite a while, as NASDAQ reported last year that CBD sales in the United States were within the next two years Years to reach $ 2,1 billion. It is also being used more and more frequently in the kitchen. 

What is CBD? 

Cwanza Pinckney, MD, an emergency room doctor, explains that CBD is short for cannabidiol, the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after THC. CBD is not psychoactive, but it can provide a sense of relaxation - mentally and physically. 

CBD, Pinckney said, can be made from marijuana or hemp and is reportedly used to treat a variety of ailments, including seizures, pain, inflammation, abdominal pain, and neurological disorders, without being psychoactive. These benefits have not been 100 percent verified by medical professionals, however, so keep it in mind when actually thinking about trying CBD. 

Choosing a CBD product can be tricky because, according to Pinckney, not all CBD products are created equal. CBD products, she says, vary a lot depending on whether the product is made from hemp or cannabis and the strength of the product. But if you're fairly new to the CBD world and aren't sure where to start, Pinckney recommends starting low and slow, and carefully increasing your daily dose of CBD over time. 

I tried CBD for a month and here are my experiences 

I was ready to try CBD for myself and bought both CBD supplements and CBD drops to see which product would fit my daily routine better. I consulted my doctor to make sure I was getting what I was looking for. In the following I describe my one month experience with both products. Would that really make me less stressed? Would they relieve my inflammation? Let's find out. 

Week 1: CBD pills 

On advice, I decided to slowly and carefully incorporate CBD into my daily routine in the form of dietary supplements - especially since I am used to taking multivitamin preparations on a regular basis. 

A counselor at my local health food store recommended that I try the supplement because she told me the product was easy to take in and out for those new to CBD Hemp oil extract (ripe stems and seeds) are obtained. The hemp seed oil in this product is blended with black pepper and clove oil to aid the endocannabinoid system, which is ideal for those seeking daily phytocompound support. phytocompounds surprisingly have a number of advantages, for one of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published study suggests that they have both antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and they are gaining popularity in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. 

Aside from the supposed benefits, I have to admit that taking my CBD supplements was no problem at all for the first week. During the week, I usually took one capsule with my multivitamin at breakfast first thing in the morning. However, since I started on such a low dosage, I didn't immediately notice too many benefits (or side effects). 

For the first week, I didn't notice any reduction in my joint pain, and my anxiety (or sleeping habits) hadn't improved dramatically overnight. However, I was pretty glad that these supplements didn't cause any unwanted stomach pain, allergic reactions, or weird burps like I've seen with other trending supplements in the past. 

Week 2: CBD pills 

Week two turned out to be a slightly more positive experience with my hemp supplements as I noticed a slight increase in my energy levels as I increased my dosage to two pills a day. 

This also seemed to have a slightly more positive effect on my mood, as I was happy with the number of things I could do in a day, which made me a slightly happier person that week. However, this could also be due to a placebo effect, as the belief in the effect of my dietary supplements could have been the reason that they “worked” at all. However, I was very pleased with how well the supplements fitted into my daily routine without affecting my job duties and my performance in the gym. 

Again, I can't say that these supplements dramatically reduced my pain (my joints felt a little less stiff in the morning) and anxiety, but I definitely felt like I was doing something positive for my mind and body as I did tend to neglect self-care a little too much. 

Week 3: CBD drops 

The third week it was time to switch to my CBD drops, which I was really excited about as liquid supplements are more effective (and quicker acting) in my eyes. 

Each tincture (available in lemon and peppermint flavors) contains up to 250 milligrams per bottle and is made up of five simple ingredients, including organically grown hemp. And unlike CBD supplements, these special liquid drops also contain the plant's original terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Terpenes have, according to one of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published study a very beneficial effect on human health as they are reputedly known for their anti-inflammatory and, in some patients, even anti-tumor effects. 

Each drop contains around 10 milligrams of CBD, which means you can take as much (or little) as you want. With that in mind, I carefully started taking one dropper a day (placed under the tongue) to see if it would make a difference. 

Surprisingly, the effects of this liquid tincture were felt fairly quickly, as my chronic migraines had become more bearable within a few days of taking it. Even my anxiety-related palpitations experienced some relief as I also felt a little calmer as the week progressed. 

Again, of course, it could be a placebo. However, I definitely felt that my tincture worked a lot faster than my supplements. In just one week of adding the tincture to my routine, I felt a lot calmer and headache free than before, which made me excited to see what my fourth and final week would bring. 

Week 4: CBD drops 

Since I was halfway through my lemon-flavored tincture, I was curious to see if the branded peppermint tincture would be something else. The peppermint flavored bottle still offered up to 250 milligrams of CBD (at 10 milligrams per dropper), and this time I took a full dropper and a half to see if that extra dose would bring more positive results. 

Fortunately, the extra dose seemed to help my sore knees! Fifteen minutes after taking it on an empty stomach, the joint pain I usually experience in the morning went away significantly. My sleeping habits also seemed to be improving; although I go to bed at a pretty reasonable time, I am a very restless sleeper and can be up for hours at night waiting to go back to sleep. When I took a few CBD drops before bed, they seemed to help me wake up less at night, making me feel much more rested (and not to mention, more productive) in the morning. 

So was it all worth it? 

The short answer is yes. During my month-long experiment with CBD, I felt like I had more energy, had noticeably fewer migraines, had less anxiety, and in the end - as I mentioned - even felt some relief from my aching knees.  

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