Super Skunk

Super Skunk

In this article we are going to talk about a very interesting and popular cannabis strain: Super Skunk. Super Skunk was only discovered in 1990 and quickly became a popular strain. Today, among cannabis connoisseurs, the term skunk is also used more broadly to refer to high-quality marijuana.

What is skunk? How do I recognize a good Skunk?

Many people understand the term Skunk to be cannabis strains with a high THC content. In fact, Skunk is the name of one of the oldest and most popular cannabis strains, which has spawned many other strains. 

How do you recognize a quality Skunk? Mainly on the buds, which appear mostly dense, compact and very resinous, accompanied by the typical pungent odor and ability to expand slightly when dried and crushed. The characteristic taste is inimitable: notes of oranges and flowers blend into a unique hit.

History of the Skunk strain

In the 1970s, most of the marijuana available in the US came from Mexico or Colombia. Home growing was still in its infancy and it was becoming clear that female plants gave better yields because they had no seeds. The breeders had discovered seedless marijuana.

A little later, in 1983, Sam The Skunkman arrived in Amsterdam with a large amount of cannabis seeds "in his bag", including seeds of the legendary Skunk. 

How do you grow skunk indoors and outdoors?

Skunk is a very easy strain to grow that produces good yields in any environment, making it suitable for even the novice grower.

When grown indoors, its compact structure easily adapts to small environments, reaching a maximum height of 120 cm. Outdoors it can reach a height of up to 200 cm.

This variety is particularly resistant to diseases and pests and tolerates low temperatures better than other varieties. This flowering period is relatively short, around 7-8 weeks; therefore the harvest can take place between the end of September and the beginning of October with good yields.

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