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Often many customers who are fresh into the topic of CBD flowers think that the CBD content is the decisive factor for quality and effect. Most of the time, however, this is a delusion of some brands who want to maximize their profits by misleading information. Many of the brands themselves don't know what distinguishes good from bad CBD. There are a few factors to consider with CBD flowers to make sure the products you are consuming are good.

Myth 1: The higher the CBD content, the higher the quality of the flower!

This statement is quite simply an illusion. Because the reality is different. A CBD flower with more than 15% always corresponds to poor quality. Theoretically, the flowers of a hemp plant cannot contain more than 10% CBD after washing down the THC. Any further processing of the flower causes a great loss of quality and disrupts the healthy interaction of all cannabinoids. A processing to 15% is in our opinion that what you can get the most out of it. Anything else is an insult to the hemp bloom.

Myth 2: CBD is the most important substance in the plant!

After several attempts and our own studies, we found out relatively quickly that the active ingredient CBD alone is not responsible for a pleasant effect. It's more the chemical interaction of all cannabinoids. There are over 110 different cannabinoids in a hemp plant, all of which do their part. So you often have to try it out to ensure that the right composition for your own body crystallizes out, because every body reacts differently. Actually, CBD flowers should be renamed due to the fact :-)

Our suggestions: miracle flower, hemp flower or just marijuana.

Myth 3: CBD flowers are all the same!

We were often confronted with the statement, especially from kiosk operators who were keen on sales, that CBD is all the same, that customers all have no idea about it anyway and that they also celebrate the kiosk bulkhead. However, as some of you already know, there are major differences in the cultivation of cannabis. These can already be seen with the naked eye and their smell and effect are extremely noticeable. There are basically 3 types of cultivation that can be used as a measure of quality.


Plant cannabis that has grown outdoors. This is the lowest form of quality in the CBD flower sector. As a loose tea, however, it's a good thing because it's usually cheaper for the end user.

It is sad, however, that during our reviews we have discovered some CBD brands that have placed their products in kiosks (lates) that have exactly this quality feature. Mostly reworked so that it has 30 or 40% CBD and confuses the customer. Due to the low purchase prices, the kiosk operators usually follow suit, since the well-being and honesty towards the customers is the last priority.


Greenhouse is somewhere between good and bad. There are quite good farmers who are real artists in greenhouse cultivation and others who should do something different. Greenhouse can be thought of as a kind of greenhouse and in some cases it is very good. But here, too, the CBD content is often played with, so that the natural quality of the flower is damaged.


Indoor is the king of the CBD flowers. The most expensive and high quality in production. Due to the cost-efficient extension, many kiosks and petrol stations do not see investing 50 cents more for the good piece in order to offer the customer premium quality and prefer to go outdoors or greenhouse. Treating an indoor flower with CBD is, from the point of view of experienced professionals and enthusiasts, a shame and an absolute no-go compared to the hemp plant.

And finally ...

We recommend that you take a closer look at companies and brands before you put the 40% greenhouse dummies in your body. Most of the time, these companies don't have proper reviews and aren't known for good quality.

We also do not recommend buying CBD flowers that are stored or sold in clear jars or plastic cans. As these are a sign of incompetent companies that do not even want to care about good packaging units. We understand that some customers find the flowers in a jar very beautiful. But what do you actually want to acquire? A quality flower that has not been stewed by sun and UV in a glass or a dry flower with a beautiful glass. Outside ui, inside ugh :-D

We hope we could shed some light on the CBD market. If you have any questions, we are of course always available.

HHC - A risky journey down the dark road of illegality and health hazards

The debate about HHC flowers leads us to an unequivocal judgment: these products are in the shadow realm of illegality and pose significant health risks. Another worrying aspect is the obscure origin of many of these products. They often come from sources where the exact composition and manufacturing practice remain in the dark.

Those seeking a psychoactive experience might consider, rather than venturing into the uncharted waters of HHC, going straight for THC - a substance whose effects and ingredients are better researched and known.

In stark contrast to HHC is CBD, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is not artificially created. It has no psychoactive properties, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reap the potential benefits of cannabinoids without experiencing the haze of a high.

At the end of the day, making well-informed and conscious decisions is crucial. The wise move is to give products of dubious legality and manufacturing practices a wide berth, relying instead on safe, legal alternatives. Not only is HHC use illegal, but it can also pose significant health risks—a risk simply not worth taking.

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What exactly are CBD flowers?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is the main substance found in CBD flowers. With "normal" marijuana, CBD and THC play a decisive role in the effect. THC is the heady, high-inducing part. CBD is the substance that takes away stress and lets you relax.

Since CBD does not produce any intoxication, CBD flowers with a THC content of less than 0,2% are legal in Germany. It is even allowed to drive a car after consuming CBD because the mental state does not change, or because CBD flowers have no psychoactive effects.

CBD flowers are taken exclusively from industrial hemp varieties in the EU variety catalog. From a legal point of view, CBD is considered to be industrial hemp and is therefore legal.

What types do we have?

Lemon Haze, Hawaiian Skunk, Watermelon Cookies, Good Night Amne (Amnesia), Gelato, Blueberry OG, Vanilla ChinChilla, Bubble Trouble, Silver Surfer, Tegridy, Orange Sour, Buddha Cheese, Strawberry, Caramel Kush, OG Sour, White Mountains, Lemon Pie and many more!

CBD is not the same as CBD?

Many customers think, through the wrong marketing of some CBD companies, that the most important thing is the CBD content of a flower. Thus, some buy CBD flowers that are contaminated by synthetic isolate in order to hope for a higher effect. But this is absolute nonsense and a problem that we want to fight with all possible means.

With CBD flowers, it is not the CBD that has the effect, but the complete chemical composition of all cannabinoids. Every body is different and reacts differently to different compositions, and you have to know that a flower contains over 100 different cannabinoids.


Buy decent indoor and no sprayed kiosk grass with 20-40% CBD. These products are 99% processed. The companies that offer such products usually have no idea what they are selling and simply hope that the customer will not ask. But it is important to question in order to do justice to the body and not destroy it with synthetic stuff.

What do our customers say?

Whether in our original stores or online, the customer comes first!

Does CBD make me high?

The high-inducing part of cannabis is the THC. With CBD flowers, this is kept so low that you don't feel any intoxicating effect. In addition, CBD is not declared as an addictive substance.

The German Narcotics Act has provided an exception for commercial trade in industrial hemp. Thus, CBD flowers made from EU-certified hemp varieties are legally available.

Have a doctor prescribe CBD?

For serious illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer, it is possible to be prescribed cannabis products. Most of the time, however, these are drugs that have a higher THC content and cause a certain intoxication. So far, Sativex is the only prescription drug in Germany that is based on CBD

What is the best way to store CBD flowers?

Correct storage of CBD flowers is a science in itself. However, if you know the basic rules, the correct storage of the is easy. The most important elements to consider are: temperature, light, air and humidity. If you want CBD flowers to stay fresh and aromatic for as long as possible, you have to protect them from the environment in suitable containers.

Temperature: CBD flowers are best kept in temperatures between 18 ° C and 20 ° C.

Light: It is important to have a container that protects your CBD flowers from UV light. Otherwise, the CBD flowers can also be kept permanently in the dark. A combination of both would be best.

Humidity: CBD flowers must be safely protected from moisture. So it's best to find a dry container.

Air: An airtight container would be ideal for this, so that the aroma of the flowers does not evaporate.

An optimal container would be a dark or colored glass, similar to the one found in medicine bottles. Here you can find out more about the optimal storage of CBD flowers.

Are CBD flowers treated and processed?

High quality products like those from FrankysFarm are not processed with synthetic terpenes or cannabidiol. The terpenes and the CBD content are natural. Some manufacturers process their CBD flowers in order to be able to sell them more expensively or to correct shortages, but we at Franky's Farm attach great importance to naturalness and transparency.

The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system is an important part of the nervous system and contains two receptors called cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is located in the nervous tissue, especially in the cerebellum. The CB2 receptor is present in all cells of the immune system. The endocannabinoid system is particularly extensive that it has not yet been fully explored. What is certain, however, is that the effects of CBD in the organism have already achieved success in cancer therapy.

Vomiting or loss of appetite can be alleviated because the messenger substances attach to the CB2 receptors. Research has also shown that the CB1 receptor within the cerebellum is important for erasing memories. This can be a breakthrough in anxiety relief. At the same time, the CBD can be used as a component of substances that alleviate anxiety or dampen panic attacks, even attacks in Parkinson's or epilepsy can be minimized.

The effects of CBD have been shown to be particularly pleasant by people. CBD has a sleep-promoting, calming and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effect. In Germany, the CBD products are legally available and can be bought freely on the market. The dosage form is particularly broad. Drops, capsules, oil, ointments, flowers or crystals are offered.
The extensive mode of action of CBD is also used in cancer treatment. Especially in chemotherapy, the CBD is used so that it can quickly help people with nausea. With some cancer tumors it has also been shown that the healing process has been accelerated and that the CBD has a very good response to certain tumors. These are inhibited in growth or can disappear completely. 

Other uses for the cannabinoids are still being explored.
There is also evidence that CBD helps reduce inflammation in the body as it helps maintain healthy metabolism.
However, ingesting hemp in the form of CBD bulbs or flowers is not all that common. According to the experience reports, however, positive effects can be achieved with the ingestion. Scientists have an explanation when it comes to how cannabidiol works. The human body has an endocannabinoid system that is provided with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The organism itself produces the endocannabinoids to activate this system. The research in this area is still quite young. Therefore it cannot currently be described as completed. Experts suspect that this established system can fulfill a wide range of functions in the central nervous system and is important for the immune system. It is very exciting that the endocannabinoid system itself can also be addressed externally with cannabinoids, for example with CBD.

Legal position of CBD flowers

In Germany, CBD is legal as long as it contains less than 0,2% THC. To ensure this, we have our products tested regularly by various laboratories. In addition, CBD flowers may only be traded commercially if the industrial hemp varieties have been taken from the EU variety catalog. CBD flowers that meet these criteria are exempt from the ban on cannabis according to Appendix 1 of the German BtMG.

2 court rulings on the subject of CBD

01.11.2020: The European Court of Justice confirms that CBD cannot be classified as a narcotic.

24.03.21: The Federal Court of Justice in Leipzig confirms that CBD flowers can be sold to end consumers, provided that abuse is excluded.

Can you get addicted to CBD flowers?

According to the 2018 WHO report, CBD is not addictive. One of the reasons for this is that CBD does not cause intoxication and therefore cannot be misused for intoxication purposes. From the point of view of the WHO, there is therefore no potential for abuse or dependence.

How do CBD flowers work?

The active ingredient CBD works in different ways. For one, it can have anti-inflammatory effects, which is particularly effective for pain. On the other hand, it has a relaxing effect. Most consumers use it to relax after a stressful day at work. In addition, many people report that they can sleep much better and deeper as a result, and the active ingredient has no psychoactive effects. This means that after taking it, you can continue with everyday life as usual or with any restrictions.

CBD Strains - Indica or Sativa?

CBD flowers always belong to the sativa type. This is because only these are prescribed in the EU variety catalog.

Why don't CBD flowers contain more than 10% CBD?

Industrial hemp varieties with a THC limit of 0,2% cannot naturally produce more than 10% CBD. There are always CBD flowers that are an exception. It happens very rarely, but every now and then it happens that a CBD flower just complies with 0,2% THC, and at the same time contains more than 10% CBD. Most CBD flowers with more than 10% CBD active ingredient are processed or mixed with isolated CBD. A good CBD manufacturer is always transparent about this and communicates this openly to the customer.

How do you recognize a high quality CBD flower?

High-quality CBD flowers can be recognized by 3 points: appearance, smell and feel. Buds are a natural product. For this reason, the look, smell and feel are never the same but always individual. The flowers are available in a wide variety of shades of green. However, there is no real impact on quality. However, you should make sure that the buds do not have any gray-brown spots. If, on the other hand, your flowers are very dry and crumble when you touch them for the first time, you should keep your hands off this product. If you can easily pull the buds off style and crush them with your fingers, it is a sign of good quality. If you press something on the flowers and then let go again, the flower should be able to return to its original shape. One of the most important points is the smell. A very important quality point is when the flower has an intense smell.

Which strain is best for me?

In general, it is difficult to find an answer here, as every person is different. We can therefore only advise you to try different varieties until you have discovered the perfect variety for you.

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