Can you buy CBD flowers in the pharmacy?

Can you buy CBD flowers in the pharmacy
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Can you buy CBD flowers in the pharmacy?

If you want to buy CBD flowers for the first time, you obviously want to be on the safe side. You want to have a reputable provider as possible and preferably even a local contact person. In the pharmacy, you count on experts because they ultimately sell a lot of medical and medicine-like products and continue to educate themselves. As a rule, you have direct trust in the pharmacist, because he may have already given you good advice on other topics.

But if you go to the pharmacy to buy CBD in Germany, you will unfortunately find that the local pharmacist is often overwhelmed with the desired advice. In the meantime, CBD is legalized in Germany in certain applications. So why is the pharmacist barely familiar with it?

Cannabis and its dubious reputation

The use of cannabis has a relatively dubious reputation to this day. This is of course primarily due to the fact that the layman confuses weed with intoxicating effects with industrial hemp. Here the THC content is so low that CBD is not psychoactive at all. Pharmacists are aware of this. But if the pharmacist is seen selling CBD, especially in flower form, he must fear for his reputation. Because not everyone is so well versed or at least asks questions. The pharmacist is already there like a dealer and of course he would like to avoid that. In this respect, many pharmacists go over to the fact that the CBD and CBD flowers only sell secretly.

Unfortunately, CBD is still a controversial drug to this day. While some are perfectly convinced of its effectiveness, others insist on further research that is necessary.

CBD and the uncertainty in the legal situation

Even experts are unsettled. Numerous training courses cannot conclusively resolve the status of CBD, which is not 100% clarified even in the law. The pharmacist himself always feels like he is in a legal gray area. It has still not been conclusively clarified whether CBD flowers are a dietary supplement or a medicinal product. Apotheker circumvent the issue by treating CBD flowers as a dietary supplement.

The fact is: CBD is legal, whether as a flower, as an oil or as a capsule, as long as the THC content of CBD in Germany is below 0,2%. Since these are products made from industrial hemp, this factor is always present.

Even without the sale of CBD products, the local pharmacist has such a large area of ​​responsibility that he simply does not have the time to deal more deeply with the matter.

These are all problems that online trading does not have. Because only experts are at work here who only deal with this matter on a daily basis, the legal situation here is clear. Those who seek advice in an online shop know what they are buying and what exactly they can expect.

Can pharmacists be experts in CBD in Germany?

As already mentioned, the pharmacist has an extensive area of ​​expertise anyway. He must be familiar with a wide variety of diseases and their treatment methods. He should know the essential active ingredients and then be able to advise the patient accordingly on site. It is true that CBD has been legalized for medicinal use for a number of years. Despite the increasing number of users, the pharmacist lacks the expertise he would need for professional advice. Exactly for this reason - namely the advice - people decide to buy CBD flowers in the pharmacy.

What advantage does the pharmacy have for CBD in Germany?

It is extremely difficult to buy CBD products, especially even CBD flowers, in local free trade. In the pharmacy, CBD flowers can at least be obtained and then pharmacies usually have very high-quality products on offer because they have lost their good reputation. At least you don't have to worry about the quality of the articles.

The quality of CBD in Germany

There are some criteria that one must consider for buying a good one CBD should create. As a rule, however, the pharmacist is not even informed about this. So he prepares a lot from a number of serious offers. Still, he can be completely wrong.

These factors are important:

  • Is it an isolate or a full spectrum?
  • Which carrier oil was used for a CBD oil?
  • How high is the CBD content in the product?
  • Which raw materials were used? How is the quality?
  • Do you need oil, capsules, flowers or something else?
  • Which laboratory analyzes are available?

The selection in the pharmacy

Every pharmacist has to manage his space. He doesn't want to set up a large camp, and certainly not for a substance that he can never be sure of to what extent it will remain legal. So the customer in the pharmacy does not have a particularly large selection, even if the products do not require a prescription. Then there is the inadequate advice. You can't blame the pharmacist for that. After all, the variety of available CBD products is enormous.

Once you have read through the selection of good CBD flowers and CBD products, you will ask about certain brands. Surprisingly, especially in pharmacies, these are extremely complicated and rarely available.

It looks different on the Internet.

Buy CBD online in Germany

The much better alternative to buying CBD in Germany, especially CBD flowers, is the Internet. Because the corresponding shops, like Franky's farm, run by real experts. A small CBD department is not set up here in addition to a jumble of products. Rather, they are specialized shops that are often run by enthusiasts who have completely dedicated themselves to the topic of CBD. You are well versed in the entire legal situation. That is not surprising, because this legal situation is the basis of their business. In addition, dealers use the Internet to find out about the latest developments, which the local pharmacist neither can nor will do. After all, in his eyes it is a nutritional supplement, which can never be his main business.

Anyone who is worried about their beloved advice is now vastly mistaken. Because even online shops have now noticed that it can make sense to be available to the customer. Many online shops now also offer extensive customer support. This only ensures immediate availability, not on the same day. However, many online shops now also offer appropriate logistics so that the goods are available quickly.

The advantages of online shops over pharmacies are obvious:

  • You have a wider choice.
  • You employ real experts.
  • Good advice is guaranteed.
  • The availability is great and quick.

Actions on the Internet

Online shops like Franky's Farm always have great offers and promotions. As a pure reseller, the pharmacist usually cannot keep up with this. There are always trial sets online. The customer does not have to make a direct decision. He can try out different products, can get detailed advice and can then ultimately decide on the product that helps him with his specific problem.

At Frankys Farm there are only sustainably produced natural hemp products in a wide variety of products. There is something for every taste. The customer service is easy to reach. It ensures that only legal products are sold. There are only products that comply with European laws on hemp cultivation and industrial hemp. All German laws are of course complied with. The customer receives only premium products with always good customer service. There is sure to be something for both beginners and professionals.

We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee the high quality of the CBD flowers

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