Is it legal to order CBD flowers?

Is it legal to order CBD flowers?
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Are CBD flowers legal in Germany?

Can I order CBD flowers in Germany?

The discussion about CBD is not tearing off in Germany and the legal situation does not yet seem to be entirely clear. What is clear, however, is that the CBD is not subject to the BtMG, as the intoxicating effect does not materialize when consumed.

According to the Federal Ministry for Drugs and Medical Devices, from the point of view of narcotics law, canabis extracts may only be sold to the end consumer if the extracts were obtained exclusively from industrial hemp, which is listed in the EU variety catalog and the end products are one THC guideline value of less than 0,2% can hold. The legal situation becomes vague, since abuse for intoxication purposes must be ruled out when selling. 

The likelihood of confusion is high due to the similar appearance, smell and taste, but CBD flowers have gained more and more attention in the last two years and are no longer a novelty for the police. The difference can be quickly determined by simply taking samples.

For a long time, CBD dealers have been interested in a uniform legal situation in order to be able to give their customers a one hundred percent feeling of security. However, since this hardly seemed promising at a purely federal level, it was now up to the EU to speak out clearly.

New judgment from the European Union

To understand the rules regarding the handling of CBD at EU level To standardize, the ECJ has now stipulated that the EU member states may not prohibit the marketing of CBD products that have been produced in another EU country in compliance with the law. Above all, this regulation is intended to prevent different production processes and the use of different plant components in another country from leading to a general ban in one's own country (see case C-663/18, BS and CA).

The origin of the new and current case law in France. Here traders had problems with the law because they had sold Czech liquids with CBD for their e-cigarettes. They appealed and the case eventually went to the European Court of Justice.

Now he has spoken a word of power and the judgment should point the way for all traders of CBD products. Because in its remarks, the ECJ clearly states that CBD (unlike THC) "apparently has no psychotropic effects or harmful effects" on the body. Conversely, CBD is neither a drug nor an anesthetic. It must therefore no longer fall under the strict regulations of the Narcotics Act. And as always, when there is a new judgment from the European Court of Justice, it also calls into question previous national judgments, especially since this judgment clearly states how the EU member states should deal with each other. On the contrary: From now on, CBD should be allowed to be traded as food. The entire process of manufacturing and selling CBD products is therefore subject to the case law and legal situation of food.

Another consequence of the ruling of the European Court of Justice is the handling of intra-European trade. Up to now, the applicable laws in the importing country have applied here. Not anymore. Instead, the ECJ generally stipulated that CBD was no longer an addictive substance and that it had to be freely tradable.

What is CBD and what is it used for?

When one speaks of CBD, it is an abbreviation for cannabinoid, a substance obtained from the female hemp plant. CBD is a main active ingredient in cannabis, but unlike THC, it does not have a psychological effect. The intoxicating effect that is otherwise inherent to cannabis is absent. The hemp plant has been used in various medical fields for many centuries because of its intoxicating and healing properties. The findings based on experience up to that point have now been confirmed in scientifically operated studies.

The effect of CBD occurs at the so-called cannabinoid receptors, which are located in the human body in the brain and in the nerve cells. These are responsible for stimulating various messenger substances, which influence the general well-being in the body. It can affect sleep, pain, or inflammation in the body. In addition, a generally relaxed body feeling can occur.

CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects. It can help with sleep disorders, anxiety and inner unrest. In the case of severe illnesses, such as chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases or MS, it is often added to traditional forms of therapy or replaces painkillers during long treatments.

The intake of CBD can vary, many users take CBD in the form of oils or tablets. Some use liquids or flowers to smoke or consume in the form of tea.

So can you buy CBD flowers now?

It would be nice if you could simply answer yes to this question. In fact, it's not that simple. Because CBD grass can now be bought completely legally. The European Court of Justice has ruled "CBD is not a drug ”

Source -> CBD is legal

As long as the hemp is a so-called industrial hemp variety of the EU or it is a cannabis variety with a THC content of less than 0,2%, it can be sold. This is often the case with CBD flowers. By the way, the pure consumption of CBD flowers is completely legal.

But when is there a purpose for intoxication?

Many critics of this regulation argue that the legislation is not very clear here. Because when is it a purpose of intoxication and until when is the purpose actually economical? Strictly speaking, there is only an economic purpose if someone wants to make CBD products and wants to buy CBD flowers for them.

How can you buy CBD flowers?

Whether the purchase is legal or not, each federal state currently answers a little differently, but you can CBD hemp flowers in almost every kiosk or Späti around the corner and have become indispensable. There is also the possibility to buy directly in CBD shops, which can now be found in every city. Otherwise over the Internet.

How does Franky's farm deal with CBD flowers?

Franky's farm you can buy CBD flowers, of course only in compliance with the legal requirements. It is a natural cultivation and industrial hemp with a lower THC content than 0,2%. Here you can only get high quality products. The appearance can of course, since it is a natural product, be subject to fluctuations. The cultivation is sustainable, so that only high-quality industrial hemp products are made from it.

The judgment now given by the European Court of Justice is absolutely trend-setting. After all, it makes it very clear that one cannot disregard scientific knowledge, even at national level within the member states. CBD products are by no means psychoactive and they are neither addictive nor narcotic. All of this underpins the many positive health effects that can be achieved with CBD products. The next steps now lie primarily in the implementation of this fundamental judgment at the national level. Above all, this includes official approval as a food (novel food) and basic regulations with the authorities and science.


In what form can you buy CBD flowers at Franky's Farm?

Anyone who thinks that you can just buy pure CBD flowers is wrong. In addition to the pure CBD flowers, we can also buy the CBD Gelato popular among connoisseurs, as a mix, as a blend and as cookies. There are no limits to enjoyment and fantasy. Of course, there is no sale to people under the age of 18.

The sale of CBD flowers will change again and again with changing legislation at Franky's farm.

Does CBD Really Help?

We at Franky's Farm have our products constantly checked by laboratories and guarantee one high quality of the CBD flowers.

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