Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains worldwide. This is because it has a very intense effect. The variety was named after a mountain. You can learn more about the strain in this article. 

Geographically, Hindu Kush spans Afghanistan and the border regions of India and Pakistan and is home to the purest indica and Afghani genetics. The cannabis strain called Hindu Kush is cultivated in the main hash production centers in the world and develops large, powerful Afghani buds with light sandalwood aromas and the sweetness of fresh charas. 

The origins of Hindu Kush

The mountains of Hindu Kush, corresponding to the western part of the Himalayas, are among the most beautiful and amazing mountains in the world. They have always been among the most dangerous.

In the 1960s and 1970s, many tourists were particularly keen to explore the region. The reason for this interest was the presence of cannabis plants that had been growing wild for centuries. These plants are said to be among the best in the world. After their discovery, their seeds were transported all over the world and with it, the distribution of cannabis around the world changed as well.

The Kush strains were named after the mountains. In the modern cannabis world, Kush is synonymous with high quality cannabis.

The genetics of this plant have had thousands of years to thrive in the mountains of the Hindu Kush. They were often grown on inaccessible slopes where they were sheltered from many dangers and at an altitude closer to the sun. This terrain was ideal and suitable for growing strong cannabis.

Smell, taste and effect of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a powerful strain with the best traits of indica genetics. The effect of our Hindu Kush is relaxing. The moderate amounts of CBD have an effect on the entire body. 

This strain is also known for its ability to boost creativity: artists and musicians make frequent use of Hindu Kush.

The body is infused with very pleasant sensations that can be felt from head to toe as a slight tingling under the skin. This strain can be ideal for a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

Hindu Kush is also an effective appetite stimulant and very beneficial for people who have difficulty eating. Often, cancer patients undergoing aggressive treatment use this cannabis to mitigate the side effects of their treatment.

Cultivation of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush has a reputation for being very easy to grow, even for beginners. It tolerates sudden temperature changes and unfavorable climate conditions well, which means that it thrives without special care. On average, Hindu Kush tends to grow to a meter and a half tall and produces up to 400 grams per plant.

This strain performs very well when cultivated with the SoG (Sea of ​​Green) cultivation technique. This forces the plants to flower prematurely after just a week or two of vegetative growth and remain small and bushy while maintaining an easily manageable height, maximizing the final yield of the production.

The Hindu Kush is also known for producing large amounts of resin. It is believed that many of the first hash products came from Hindu Kush plants or other strains with similar genetics.

The buds take on a dark green color and are completely covered in crystals that also coat the leaves. 

Indoor and outdoor cultivation

When grown indoors, it takes 49-54 days to harvest. When grown indoors, the plants are small and compact, with an average height of around 70cm. Hindu Kush grown indoors tends to look bushy and vigorous. The plant does not require much care. In addition, they are tolerant of over- and under-fertilization, temperature fluctuations and have no problems with low or high temperatures. 

Cultivated outdoors, the Hindu Kush cannabis strain can be grown in the northern hemisphere from March to November. The plants start flowering around July, when the days start to get shorter. Outdoors, Hindu Kush plants need space and should not be too close together. 

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