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CBD study of bone fractures

CBD oil and flowers for broken bones
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Study of the link between CBD and broken bones

Broken bones are a relatively widespread but often not life-threatening disease. Nevertheless, therapy so far has often only been plastering, i.e. resting and waiting for the body to go about its work. That was not enough for researchers in Tel Aviv and they started looking for alternatives or supporting factors. You came across the active ingredient CBD, so cannabidiol.

How was research done?

First, the CBD was given to rats with fractured thighs. It quickly became clear that the biomechanical properties of the healing of these fractures were significantly improved in the rats. The administration of the CBD took place over a period of 8 weeks. Significantly improved healing was noted after just 6 weeks. The head of the study, Yankel Gabet, points out, however, that the composition of the bones was not changed by the CBD. In fact, however, a reaction to the forwarding of information could be ascertained. More precisely, an enzyme was stimulated that controls what is known as collagen crosslinking and stabilization. Another result of this study shows that so far the mechanical role of so-called collagen-crosslinking enzymes in connection with the healing of bone fractures has been significantly underestimated.

Application to humans

Of course, such effects cannot be transferred one-to-one to the human body and further clinical studies must be carried out on human subjects. It should be noted critically here that in the study, the CBD, i.e. the non-psychoactive component of hemp, was also admixed with THC, i.e. the psychoactive component of hemp. It is now up to the observation whether this experiment can be implemented on humans. THC has been shown not only to be psychoactive in humans, but also to cause intoxicating and even addictive effects. However, since factors were repeatedly used in the course of the study to stimulate the CBD, the consideration is now being given to reducing the THC and increasing the stimulating factors. Final studies of this combination actually showed that the THC had no significant benefits in healing the fractures

How did the CBD affect the broken bones?

Of course, as part of the study, investigations were also made to what extent a renewed risk of breakage possibly due to the administration of CBD flowers could be reduced. The researchers were amazed at the results: the corresponding fracture points were significantly more stable and robust after complete healing. As part of the study, the CBD was administered through syringes. According to the head of the study, a corresponding effect also results from the oral intake of CBD oil.

Are self-therapies advisable?

Study leader Yankel Gabet points out that the corresponding results were obtained on rats. So if you have an acute bone fracture in this country, you shouldn't just blindly take CBD oil and trust that the cannabidiol would already have its effect. Because every bone has its own characteristics and that of course also applies to healing. Conversely, if the thighbone of a rat heals faster with CBD in a study, that does not mean that any other therapy should be rejected.

But it is also a fact that the administration of CBD oil could significantly support the healing process. As a result, in consultation with the attending physician, the supportive administration of CBD oil should definitely be examined in order to accelerate the healing process, possibly even to improve it and also to reduce the risk of further breakage because the bone at the healed area after the Treatment is more stable.

Since it was already established in the course of the study that THC, the “dangerous” component of the hemp plant, had no positive effects on fracture healing, it is not advisable to take the intoxicating cannabis in general, and in particular to treat diseases such as broken bones. Not only that the ingestion of THC is illegal in Germany, while the purchase, possession and consumption of CBD has now completely moved out of the gray area and has become legal - the positive effect only related to the administration of CBD grass

Use only high quality and pure CBD oil

If you want to test the supporting effects of CBD oil on yourself, you should make sure that you only use high-quality CBD oil. In the beginning, pay attention to a high level of concentration so that you can feel the effect more quickly. Later, when it is only about the accompanying therapy, you can reduce the dosage or use a lower concentration. It is important that the CBD used, the corresponding industrial hemp from which it is extracted, is grown under controlled conditions and sustainably. That is exactly what we made our mission at Franky's Farm from day one. So if you have any questions about our cultivation method and the production of our high-quality CBD oil, please do not hesitate to contact us. All of our employees are real experts in the field and will be happy to advise you competently and in a friendly manner. In the case of acute illnesses, you should always consult a trained doctor and advise him about your planned complementary therapy Inform CBD or CBD oil. In this way, all measures can be bundled in a controlled manner.

Original study:

Cannabidiol, a major non-psychotropic cannabis constituent enhances fracture healing and stimulates Lysyl Hydroxylase activity in Osteoblasts


 * For legal reasons, we have to point out at this point that the products presented here are not medical or pharmaceutical preparations. All statements made about the properties and effects are based on personal experience through the use of these products.
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