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Are CBD Products Legal?

CBD products have long been in a gray area of ​​legality. On the one hand, the unclear legal situation had an impact, on the other hand, the uncertainty of the traders when it came to the interpretation of the laws. It was only clear that the THC content had to be below 0,2%. The intoxication purpose, which CBD could not achieve anyway with this low THC concentration, had to be ruled out. Economic purposes when selling were also taboo.

Then the European Union took up the matter. Clear rules were created. Since then, an EU member state is no longer allowed to prohibit the import and use of these products from a product from another country in which it is produced and sold in compliance with the local laws. It was also made clear that CBD weed has no psychotropic effects. CBD products are therefore officially no longer intoxicants, but are suitable for release as food. 


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Quality at Franky's Farm

We at Frankys Farm have been working exclusively with the highest quality products since day one. It should be logical that only industrial hemp is used. The deliberately low THC content that industrial hemp naturally brings with it is also always observed. But what sets us apart is the sustainability of the cultivation, which we guarantee. We do not use any sprays or other chemical additives. Everything can grow naturally, so you can be absolutely sure that you are buying only the highest quality. In addition to the classic CBD flowers and CBD grass, we also have the popular CBD Gelato, as a mix as a blend and as cookies. It should also be a matter of course that we adhere to the legal regulations and that there is no sale to people under the age of 18. In addition, we always keep an eye on the progress of the legal regulations, so that not only we at Franky's farm, but also you as our customers are always on the safe side.

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Quality guarantee

What can CBD weed help against?

Backed up by numerous scientific studies that have devoted themselves to the mode of action of hemp plants. CBD works with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body. These receptors, which are predominantly in nerve cells and the peripheral nervous system, actively influence how the body reacts to certain stimuli. In particular, CBD products work against pain and inflammation. The relaxing effect of CBD does the rest. Seriously ill and chronically ill people in particular can benefit massively from CBD products. Because you avoid the central dampening effects of classic painkillers, you do not have to use chemicals, on the contrary, pure nature. Also, unlike strong pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, they do not become addicted. This means: Once the disease has been overcome, those affected do not have to slowly taper off the product and fear serious consequences. You are relaxed and that alone often has a positive effect on the course of the disease and even on healing.

Due to the positive relaxing effect, anxiety, nausea, depression, vomiting and sleep disorders can also be treated well with CBD products. The big advantage: CBD products can be sold freely. A prescription from a doctor is not necessary.

Thanks to the variety of products at Frankys Farm of the highest quality, you have the freedom to choose in which flavor you would like to be positively influenced.

  • How do you take CBD products?

There are several options for using CBD products.

You can take CBD as an oil or tablets. The effect then sets in continuously. If you prefer to take CBD neat, you can also consume flowers. You can smoke this directly or let it evaporate as a liquid. If you don't want to smoke, you can also infuse CBD flowers wonderfully as a tea. Here, too, you release a very constant effect. Drink the tea throughout the day and benefit from a long-lasting effect.

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From college students to hard working housewives. Our customer base is diverse and always informs us that our products help them with anxiety, mood lightening and stress relief. According to customers, our product should work wonders and enrich their lives, especially in the case of insomnia.