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Selling CBD flowers at the kiosk

A new ruling by the European Court of Justice makes kiosk owners sit up and take notice: CBD flowers are now emerging from illegality and the way is clear for approval as food.

The effects and positive effects of CBD flowers are now widespread. But of course not everyone wants to work for them too Ensure production of high quality CBD flowers. Especially at the kiosk, CBD flowers can represent an interesting addition to the product range. The current ruling by the European Court of Justice paves the way for free sale at kiosks as well. This puts an end to the various regulations that existed not only at the federal level, but also in the individual federal states and sometimes even in the cities. Numerous so-called Spätis, as they are especially common in Berlin, for example, are already leading the way. CBD flowers are not only available in bulk packs, but also very interestingly in very small packs. This makes it easy for customers to try out the quite new products.

If you have made a decision, Franky's Farm will of course also receive larger packaging.



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When it comes to the quality of our CBD flowers

What can CBD flowers be used for?

First of all, you have to differentiate between cannabis flowers and CBD flowers. While cannabis flowers are not only illegal and the consumption of the same creates intoxication, CBD flowers can even be used as health-promoting products. They have a calming effect against nausea, sleep problems, pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. CBD flowers are therefore used by patients with rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, depression, chronic intestinal diseases and also anxiety and sleep disorders. They have the advantage that they are not addictive and can therefore be used in a completely different way than many conventional medical products.

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Diversity at Franky's Farm

Anyone who thinks that CBD blossom is the same as CBD blossom is wrong. At Franky's Farm, we put a lot of effort into producing true diversity. In addition to the shape of the flower, the main difference is the aroma. From a sweet aroma with a slightly earthy note to a fruity sweetness to slightly woody notes, everything is included. We make sure that all CBD flowers meet the justifiably high demands of our customers.

Quality guarantee

CBD flowers from Franky's Farm

At Franky's Farm, we have committed ourselves to the highest quality standards when it comes to CBD flowers. On the one hand, we only use guaranteed industrial hemp. After all, we want to be absolutely sure to go below the prescribed maximum THC content of 0,2%. We keep our knowledge constantly up to date in order to be able to comply with the respective EU directives.

We forego pesticides and other additives in favor of the highest possible quality of the CBD flowers. We have high quality, pesticide-free, pure CBD flowers. The harvest is done by hand, so that an initial quality check takes place during the harvest. Strict quality management is also used in the further process. Because we want to be able to offer our customers only the best goods. Thanks to our tireless commitment to quality, all of our products have a unique and high-quality aroma. We at Franky's Farm deliver excellent goods at a fair price with our self-imposed high quality standards. With us, quality is affordable.

At Franky's Farm, we don't just pay attention to the one-time harvest, but rather to sustainable cultivation. This is the only way to produce high-quality industrial hemp.

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