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A profitable business project with Franky's farm through franchising

When it comes to investing in profitable and at the same time lucrative business projects, the CBD segment is exactly the right choice. You can find the right Franchise Partner at Franky's Farm. Years of market experience and a diverse and at the same time high-quality product selection are our top priorities.


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When it comes to the quality of our CBD flowers

Frankys Farm - the market leader in the CBD segment

As one of the best-known CBD providers in Germany, Franky's Farm has established a solid position for itself in recent years. More than 40 percent of the current Germany-wide demand for CBD products is received by Franky's farm. The unique CBD products from Frankys are offered in over 200 different sales outlets. This also includes a large number of well-known petrol stations and kiosks that prove to be true business partners. For all CBD fans it is all the more attractive to be able to buy their CBD products from Franky's Farm in the kiosk around the corner or in the nearest gas station. This is exactly the reason why Franky's farm is suitable as a lucrative and at the same time profitable business partner in the form of franchising. In the past time Franky's farm has gained steady customer frequency and is because of it a qualified CBD provider on the German market.

The unique passion for the production of the CBD flowers and a sophisticated marketing concept is the basic basis required for this. This basic basis is already given to us from the start and is therefore fundamental in answering the question of why Franky's farm is suitable as the perfect franchise partner. If an investment is to be made correctly, which ultimately convinces with excellent profitability and is also characterized by a corresponding future concept, then we are exactly the right business partner for you.

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Quality guarantee

The variety of products in Franky's farm

In addition to our sophisticated marketing strategy, we convince our customers anew of the unique variety of products that is characteristic of Frankys. In addition to the 100 percent natural CBD flowers, we also offer other products for our customers. These are health-promoting CBD oils that can be used for a variety of pain or physical complaints. The CBD oil inspires our customers so much with its unmistakable performance that in the last quarter a sales increase of more than 40 percent was recorded. This is ultimately also due to the high concentration of the CBD flowers used, which can convince of optimal cultivation. A multitude of other CBD cosmetic products finally complete the entire CBD range. This not only guarantees customers the best quality, but also a permanent change in the CBD variation. Appropriate franchise partners are required to further promote this variety of products and the growth of Frankys Farm.

As a Franchise Partner of Frankys Farm, you can present this unique business concept in your own shop or an individual CBD kiosk. We, as Franky's Farm, want to share and, of course, expand our specialist knowledge of CBD products and the experience we have gained. We offer a business concept that is sophisticated down to the smallest detail, which can be easily applied to any type of CBD store. Our excellent products have already gained a correspondingly high level of awareness in recent years, so that your shop automatically belongs to the top of the CBD industry and bears the image of Franky's Farm. The sales rush of all convinced CBD fans is already inevitable.


Quality guarantee

The top 3 reasons why Franky's Farm is the perfect Franchise Partner?

Frankys proves again and again that the passion and interest in CBD is the best basis for an excellent business. We, as the Frankys Farm family, set ourselves the goal from the beginning to dominate the CBD market. We have already achieved this more than significantly after the first 7 months. In order to be able to expand our influence, we are now relying on franchises, and offer our partners the best basis for a perfect and also completely mature concept. However, these are not the only reasons why investing in the CBD industry turns out to be a golden handle:

Reason number 1: Due to the steady growth and a consistent demand has CBD developed as a true trendsetter product. The statistics show a permanent increase in the demand for CBD. For this reason, the CBD market is proving to be a true future market and the CBD products are a real trendsetter. The extensive field of application of the CBD products is convincing. This in turn brings with it a very wide range of different customer groups, which is also the basis of a perfect business project.

Reason number 2: The Frankys Farm family offers a fundamental project that has been proving itself for some time through full sales strength on the market. Franky's farm knows exactly what to look out for in the CBD market. Due to the experience and the required specialist knowledge, Frankys is the right franchise partner who opens the door to your own shop for you.

Reason number 3: As one of the current market leaders, Franky's farm knows, based on a multitude of experiences, how to properly control the CBD market

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What positive effects do CBD flowers have on the body?

Over 20 possible health benefits have already been identified that not only alleviate physical but also emotional problems and complaints.

CBD flowers owe their success to the positive effects such as the reduction of anxiety, panic attacks and depression.


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