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Legal industrial hemp

We guarantee that our industrial hemp CBD flowers contain less than 0,2% THC and thus ensure compliance with the applicable German laws.

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Best quality

Sustainable cultivation characterizes our products from the very first minute. This is how we can guarantee high quality industrial hemp.

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100% Nature

We guarantee the high quality of our products through constant quality controls controlled cultivation without pesticides can be harvested.

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No. 1 CBD brand

With Franky's CBD you are doing something good for your body and ensuring perfect relaxation.

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Your brand for quality CBD

What positive effects do CBD flowers have on the body?

Over 20 possible health benefits have already been identified that not only alleviate physical but also emotional problems and complaints.

CBD flowers owe their success to the positive effects such as the reduction of anxiety, panic attacks and depression.


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A new era has begun


Premium flowers from quality cultivation, bred with love and passion to please you.


Amazing aroma

Franky's Farm gives 100% to keep the aroma of its products high. This is the only way we can make you happy.

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Unmistakable appearance

Every product is a work of art in itself. The artful packaging and design is just the cherry on top of a huge sundae.

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Fair prices

Fair prices play an important role for us. Even if quality has its price, at Franky's you only get the best for your money.

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Quality management

A team of qualified CBD experts ensures that each flower is of a high standard.

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Measurable impact

Apart from the wonderful smell of our products, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the measurable effect.

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The best of nature

Franky's Farm always tries to give 100% and for these reasons only delivers the best from nature.

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Quality guarantee

Why Franky's Farm?

Franky's Farm not only stands for fair prices and good service, but also for premium quality that can be measured tangibly. All CBD flowers come from controlled indoor cultivation and are checked by a quality management department before being sold to ensure the best possible quality.


Satisfied regular customers across Europe


Sales outlets all over Germany


When it comes to the quality of our CBD flowers


Guarantee on our service

What do our customers say?

Whether in our original stores or online, the customer comes first!

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CBD blog

Everything you need to know about CBD!
Quality guarantee

How CBD oil can have a positive impact on health

Cannabidiol is a substance that is extracted from the hemp plant and, like all cannabinoids, is mainly in the form of (carbon) acid.

The most common method of obtaining the active ingredient is decarboxylation, whereby a carbon dioxide atom is split off by heating and the active ingredient is thus released and is ready to develop its effect.

Anyone who has made a CBD tea or has baked it with CBD has already decarboxylated their CBD flowers.

You can find out more about CBD weed here

Difference from THC

Of course, the biggest difference is that CBD is not psychoactive. So, unlike THC, it doesn't get you high or cause any other changes in consciousness. In addition, it is not addictive.

Furthermore, CBD and THC are antagonists, which means that one can dissolve the effects and side effects of the other.

Test our CBD hemp flowers and see for yourself!

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Buy Frankys Cbd Flowers