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we at FRANKY’S FARM are a German company that specializes in the sale of commercial hemp trains. As entrepreneurs, we want to offer them a partnership for a win-win situation. Have you been interested in selling CBD products or just thinking about it?

We at FRANKY’S Farm offer you discounted prices at fair rates. With our products, we want to introduce you to the positive aspects of high-quality hemp flowers and to complement their range in many ways. Through our CBD products, we help you grow your business and generate new customers at a rapid pace. We convince not only with our selection of products, but also with professional and competent advice. Organic and quality are a top priority for us, from cultivation to our packaging. We work according to German standards, therefore all our products are legal and suitable for commercial purposes in Germany. Our hemp products come from organic, sustainable cultivation and comply with EU directives. Through laboratory results and daily checks of our commercial hemp flowers, we offer you complete transparency of our products. In addition, we offer security and privacy. If you are interested in reselling, we will be happy to advise you. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify all outstanding issues and to work with you in a future-oriented manner.
Become Franky’s Farm Premium Partner
Become Franky’s Farm Premium Partner and sell premium CBD products in their kiosk. We provide promotional material, customer satisfaction and help them to increase their customer base in quality.

With the program “CBD for the kiosk” we set up a corner of their kiosk with all Franky’s Farm products and make you a Franky’s Farm Premium Store. Write to us and benefit from the cult product Franky’s Farm.


  • we ensure a good internet presence.
  • we offer an extensive product range
  • we supply advertising materials to satisfy the customer.
  • we are working 24 hours for them to promote your business

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